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A brain injury occurs when sudden physical damage to brain takes place, caused by various factors. The brain injury can result when someone’s head forcefully hits an object or if an actual object pierces through the brain to cause damage. Most often, a brain injury is sustained when an auto accident has occurred. Auto accidents occur because of negligence and carelessness and the law provides compensation to those suffering damage because of it. If you have or still are suffering from a brain injury, please contact us to learn your legal rights and options.

Depending on what area of the brain has been damaged will determine what brain functioning has been influenced. Most often, the brain injury patient will experience the greatest effects of the accident immediately because of swelling and bruising that is often temporary. Long-term damage is sometimes hard to assess until the initial brain injury swelling has subsided, but physical, behavior, or mental changes can be permanent. The brain injury damage can result in large medical bills, loss in salary, loss in life enjoyment, pain and suffering, disfigurement, and other claims that can be recovered.

Half of all brain injuries are the result of motor vehicle accidents. A motor vehicle accident is the result of a negligent act or acts that can be compensated. A brain injury can completely change a person’s life forever, and having a lawyer that has experience in brain injury cases can allow for the financial burdens to be compensated, as well any other loss of income that has resulted from the accident.

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