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Proving Fault for a Brain Injury

Knowing who is at fault for the accident leading up to the brain injury is not always clear. In the event that the brain injury has resulted from an accident avoid making any statements because it can be used against you, regardless of what is found to be true. Especially in instances when a brain injury has been sustained, immediately seek medical attention and contact your lawyer. The sooner you contact a brain injury lawyer the better chances of recovering a higher amount of compensation.

Determining what act or acts of negligence caused the accident results in finding who is liable for the brain injury. Not all accidents will find just one person liable because an accident may have resulted from the negligence of several different factors. Vehicle accidents are the largest contributor to brain injuries that can result from many factors. Your brain injury lawyer will help uncover who is responsible and will advise you who to make claims against.

Some people think that they are not entitled to any compensation for the brain injury suffered because they were partly at fault for the accident. In these instances, legal advice should be sought because compensation may still be available if other negligence contributed to your injury. Proving that the accident was partially caused by another party will qualify you for compensation for your brain injury depending on how much liability was attributed to you and how much liability was attributed to another party. It is always a good idea to consult with a brain injury lawyer to preserve your legal rights for the life-altering damage that is often sustained.

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